NewtROV - Full Electric Work Class ROV System

·         2000m or 4000m rated systems available.

·        Highly efficient power conversion provides up to 500kg forward thrust.

·        Light weight with a starting weight of ~1680kg.

·        Small 22mm umbilical which greatly reduces drag while at depth.

·        Ultra-low latency (<35ms) HD video encoding allowing for up to 6 1080p HD channels over the standard Gigabit uplink which is upgradable to 10 Gigabit if necessary. (4K HD video option also available.)

·        3kW magnetically coupled, electric thrusters which provide more than enough power to maneuver in high current situations.

·        Designed to easily integrate with a wide array of sensors, tooling and manipulators (electric or hydraulic).

·        **For more detailed information on the NewtROV, please go to the datasheet link available on this page.**

Contact Details

Telephone: 619-204-1060 

San Diego, CA

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